Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reality, Nostalgia, the Space Between, and the Wisdom of Sheehan

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  • old
  • slow
  • heart attack survivor
  • plodding along this morning
  • in the fluffy snow
  • at 12 degrees F
  • huffing and puffing to maintain 8:30 per mile pace
  • keeping heart rate under 130 bpm
  • BUT ... wearing probably the nicest high-performance, all-weather gear I've ever owned
  • and still loving the simple act of motion
George Sheehan: "Like most runners, I always want to do better. I am constantly after myself for eating too much and training too little. I know if I weighed a few pounds less and trained a few hours more, my times would improve. But I find the rewards not quite worth the effort...I am forced, therefore to do the best with what I've got."

  • reading through running logs from almost 30 years ago
  • young
  • fast
  • yearning, striving, working hard, concentrating
  • arrogant?
  • complaining - even though now I look back and see that it all came so much easier then
  • limits? what limits?
  • possibilities and long time lines
  • how could I have been so damn excited about a new pair of shoes ... so many times?
  • gear? what gear? I just need some socks and shorts and an old t-shirt
George Sheehan: "Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach."

The Space Between:
  • balance
  • acceptance
  • an honest self-deprecating sense of humor
  • embracing what is possible, not what once seemed possible
  • intrinsic
  • in the moment
  • alive
  • happy is as happy as you can be, and that's just right
  • doesn't hurt to have nice gear!
George Sheehan: "Success rests in having the courage and endurance, and above all, the will to become the person you are"

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